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01 August 2013 @ 10:35 pm
Dear Rare Characters Writer!  

Dear Rare Characters Writer:

First of all: oh my god, I am so super excited that we are both doing this fest, and that you are my rarecharactersgoat! I ♥ you already for being here and matching with me on something.

Some brief ideas about what I enjoy:
Worldbuilding! Characters whose POV we rarely see (obviously); what was it like to be them, why did they do the things they did? Humor, as well as horror, and if you can mix the two, by god, I like you already. Angst is welcome as well as fluff. Porn or smut aren't necessary, but I won't hate it if you add some to a fic; I would just rather not get a PWP. I don't really have many squicks, but I would prefer a warning at least for things like sexual violence/non-con/dub-con and character death.

Here are the fandoms I chose:

Discworld: Lily Weatherwax, Ysabell

Honestly Lily Weatherwax is one of my favorite villains in Discworld to date. She is simultaneously sympathetic (to me) and scary as hell, because who actually tries to enforce fairy-tale law?

I would love to see something that really delved into her thought process. How she reached this idea, why she's drawn to mirrors, something comparing her to Esme with a theme of mirroring, that kind of thing. Get warped and twisted, or play it for really dark Pratchetty laughs, either way!

Mort is one of my favorite Discworld books; I know, I'm weird. Ysabell is a great character and her relationship with Mort is fantastic. I'd really like to see a slice of life piece of Ysabell in Death's Domain, or relating with Albert, maybe learning things from Albert? Ysabell and Death fighting and slammed doors could be amazing too.

Also I can imagine she'd have a really hard time aging after so long. What would that be like for her?

Doctor Who: Mickey Smith, Fourth Doctor

I used this prompt for NPT, and I'm just going to keep recycling it until I get a fill. :D I want to see the Fourth Doctor in a day-to-day job, like Eleven in The Lodger. It'd be ridiculous, and I would love it. Alternately, I'd like to see the Fourth Doctor with Sarah Jane or Leela and being utterly oblivious to their human needs, to unfortunate hilarity.

As for Mickey, omg. What I'd really like is something exploring Mickey's important relationships. I ship Martha/Mickey despite there being basically nothing to it in canon, and if you went into that, that would be awesome. Mickey and Jackie are also a favorite. Basically anything authentically Mickey will make me happy, though. <3

Hannibal: Abigail Hobbs

Options: Abigail gets a Groundhog Day-like scenario where she gets to live out the events of "Savoureux." What does she do, does she change events, and how?

Abigail turns herself in, and potentially pleads self-defense. How does she deal with it? Does she begin to break down in the same way?

Show me Abigail baiting one of her father's kills. Emotional incest to 11, if you're willing. Explore the darkness! The show only touched the tip of the iceberg, for me.

Harry Potter: Kingsley Shacklebolt, Luna Lovegood

What prompted Kingsley Shacklebolt to become an Auror? Pottermore's shown us he's from a fairly high-regarded family, or was once; what led him to join the Order, rather than side with Death Eaters along with a lot of the other families from the "Sacred Twenty-Eight"? Who were his compatriots at Hogwarts, what house was he in, and how does he get along with Order members now?

I love Magical Law Enforcement and the Aurors, so anything around there would make me happy as a clam. If you show me a lot of Kingsley+Tonks, extra points.

I adore Luna. Essentially anything with her will make me happy. I love her dynamic with Harry, but also the potential she has with Neville, as well as Ginny. Anything with any of these characters, shippy or not, would make me happy. (I would not be against a Ginny/Luna/Neville love triangle resolving into a playful OT3.)

On the other side of things with Luna, I enjoy her ethereal nature and the casual awareness of death she displays. I'd like to see her maybe reassuring people after the Battle of Hogwarts, for something a little more poignant.

MCU: Peggy Carter, Harley Keener

Peggy Carter. Where do I begin? Comics canon is welcome, though I hardly will demand it of anyone. She blows me away in the MCU, and I love her to bits. Mostly, I'm interested in hearing about how Peggy got to where she is when we first see her in MCU. Did she try to Sweet Polly Oliver? Did she prove herself elsewhere? Does her story have more in common with Steve than we might think?

Alternately, I'd love to see a Peggy POV of the whole Steve/Peggy/Howard triangle. What can I say, I'm a sucker for that kind of dynamic. And how did Peggy and Howard get along after Steve's untimely... sort of end at the end of the Captain America movie?

omg, Harley. So here's my prompt: I want to see Harley being AWESOME, okay. Science it up! If you're not comfortable putting major effort into sciencing it up, then fake it, I probably won't know the difference and MCU doesn't actually do science all that well. A slice of life piece about Harley's mishaps and awesome breakthroughs would be so cool, as well as his mom being all WHAT IS GOING ON. Bring in some Tony if you want, or -- if you want to be totally amazing -- Peter Parker (I know he's not in the MCU, but if you included Andrew Garfield/Amazing Spider-Man!Peter, that'd be awesome. <3)

Alternately, if you write Harley's Mom POV fic of something similar, I will love you a lot.

ASOIAF: Myrcella Baratheon, Arianne Martell, Doran Martell, Ashara Dayne, Barristan Selmy

So, there are four major prompts here. By no means would I expect anyone to incorporate all these characters into one prompt, because that could be difficult.

First off: MARTELLS. I am 1000% a Martell girl. I adore Arianne, and Doran fascinates me in how he has the same sharpness of Oberyn but with 100x the subtlety. Some Arianne/Doran in-fighting would be totally excellent, because I can only imagine what it's been like with her hard-headedness and his quiet patience. It has to be terrible for her.

Alternately, show me Myrcella and Arianne relating. I'm sure they have a lot in common.

I would also be happy as all get-out to get Doran POV fic about his wife, about his kids, about Oberyn and Elia.

Second: Myrcella! I am a sucker for Myrcella. I would love to see her trying to deal with Joffrey, maybe mediating between Joffrey and Tyrion, maybe trying to protect Tommen from Joffrey? What does she think about Jaime? Does she care for Robert, does he care for her? Literally anything looking at this poor girl will make me happy.

Third: Ashara Dayne! Oh my god, rarecharacterswriter. Ashara Dayne is lovely, and I want to know EVERYTHING. I have read just about all I can find, and I always want more. One night she's dancing with Ned Stark, and then it all goes downhill from there. A few ideas: her relationship with Elia, her relationship with Arthur, why is she unmarried? What was her relationship with Barristan Selmy?

Fourth: Barristan Selmy in general. The guy is an artist who paints with blood. Has he always been so talented? Did he bust his ass to learn how to be so epic? And Ashara Dayne was his lady love; but did he just love her from afar, or had they been close before?

There's so much going on in the background of ASOIAF; anything that gives me a POV of characters in a way we've not seen before is totally welcome!

I hope this letter helps, let me know via mods if you need more. Good luck, and I'm sure I'll love whatever you write me!