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12 October 2013 @ 12:00 am
Dear Yulegoat...  
Dear Yulegoat:

First of all: Hi! :D You are excellent for being here and matching with me, I really appreciate you already, and you haven't written a word yet. (Presumably.)

Some brief ideas about what I enjoy:
Worldbuilding! Characters whose POV we rarely see; what was it like to be them, why did they do the things they did? Humor, as well as horror, and if you can mix the two, by god, I like you already. Angst is welcome as well as fluff. Porn or smut aren't necessary, but I won't hate it if you add some to a fic; I would just rather not get a PWP. I don't really have many squicks, but I would prefer a warning at least for things like sexual violence/non-con/dub-con and character death.

Henry IV: Kate Percy, Henry "Hotspur" Percy, Hal, Mistress Quickly
Let me start with: I love the Percys. I especially love the way they were portrayed in Hollow Crown by Michelle Dockrey and Joe Armstrong. I didn't add Percy the Elder because I won't, like, require you to add him, but I wouldn't mind him! I ship these two like crazy, and don't mind Hal in the mix either. They are totally into each other, and I am totally into that. Tropey or dramatic shipfic for the Percys would be great.

With regards to Hal: I just love his evolution over the course of the Henriad. A POV piece would be great, especially from IV part I to II. Failing that, if you want to involve him in a weird love/hate possibly shippy relationship with the Percys, I'd be all for it.

Mistress Quickly I'd just like a slice-of-life. You can play her for serious, too! But that's my main prompt. She's boss.

Great Expectations: Phillip "Pip" Pirrip, Miss Havisham, Estella Havisham
I love this book. Like, I LOVE this book. However, it has some limitations based on the author and the timeframe it was written in. I'd love some sort of update or retelling. Want to make it noir? Want to put it in your favorite era? I'd love to see any of it.

Barring that, some really rich Pip, Estella, or Pip/Estella exploration would be very much appreciated. Or, and I added Miss Havishman for this reason, I love backstory. Show me what happened to her, and really show me the heartbreak. I dig heartbreak.

Marble Hornets: Alex Kralie, Timothy "Tim" W. | Masky, Jessica, Jay
This is how you know I dig heartbreak. I love Marble Hornets.

I picked everyone for this, because I love everyone. Feel free to speculate, by the way, and add Hoody to this mix. Tim is my beloved, though, and I love Jay for being the stupid heroic type that he is most of the time. I would love some digging-into-the-story-of-Tim stuff, or explore the ins and outs of being a proxy, or what slendersickness feels like. With Jessica, I would love some more about her time under the Operator's thumb, or some Jay/Jessica. I would not be against some Jay/Tim or Jay/Alex, either.

As for Alex... I would really love a proxy-story from him too. Go wild, do a crossover or fusion if you please, and if you want to know if I know a fandom, feel free to ask me anon on Tumblr (thinkatoryprocesses@tumblr). So long as it has the spirit of the series I'll be happy.

Brave: Merida, Wee Dingwall, Young Macintosh, Young MacGuffin
What I would really like is basically fic that's about 4-5 years later after the film. Are these four friends? Do they talk? Does Merida turn them into archery badasses? Is Merida dating anyone? Would she make them compete for her, and would it be in all seriousness, or just for lulz? Do any of the Youngs have a bromance going on?

Feel free to include Merida's family in this, I just only had this prompt! I would also be happy with anything about how any of these four grew up to be.

Agents of SHIELD: Jemma Simmons, Leo Fitz, Skye, Melinda May
So, FitzSimmons. I love FitzSimmons. I want everything about them. How did they become so close? How did they meet? Was there ever a romantic thing, or are they totally bros, or is there an unrequited thing? (I also ship Fitz/Simmons/Skye, so... that's an idea you could roll with.)

As for Melinda, I love her and want all the background. Something really meaty about what made her leave combat would be welcome, or something about how she got into SHIELD. Also if you want to write me Skye/Melinda I would not be averse either!

The Conjuring: Lorraine Warren, Ed Warren, Brad, Drew
I'm the one who nommed the Warrens, because I ship them hardcore. I sound like a major shipper in this letter, but it's really not my focus most of the time! It's just there are so many great characters who click in these fandoms, and that's the case I feel with these two. They are so in sync, and can read each other with a glance, and love each other so fully and truly. I would love to see them in a more domestic setting, OR as their bad paranormal-hunting selves. I know they're real people, but feel free to RPF it if you must and make up your own. I would definitely not be averse to some tasteful sex in this, because Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga.

I included Brad and Drew in this because come on. This was totally a thing. In the event that you are up for it, I am also 1000% behind any fic about these two, their silly dynamic, and whether or not they were banging. Maybe they become ghost hunters themselves? Maybe they're a background couple and sidekicks to the Warrens. IDK. I like them, though.

Thank you for reading my letter -- I can't wait to see what you come up with, my lovely yuletide friend, and let me know if you have any questions!