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03 October 2013 @ 09:30 pm
Dear Public Call writer:  
Hi, Public Call writer! I'm glad we matched on some stuff, and I look forward to seeing what you come up with. :D First of all, my apologies for the lateness of this letter, but I think the prompts are all the better for the time I took!

Secondly, I should note: please, do warn if you're going to include dub-con, non-con, underage, or sexual assault of any kind. Feel free to include it if the muse absolutely insists, along with a warning. I am somewhat less put-off by all the other unsavory things fandom likes to write about (torture, gore, kinks, that kind of thing) so that won't be a problem.

Thirdly, I would prefer not to receive PWP. Porn is fine, but I would prefer something with more substance storywise than sex scenes.

Last thing: If you matched with me on a relationship that you cannot possibly imagine as being a romantic 'ship -- write gen. I love gen. Their relationship is the most important part to me, not whose bits go where. <333

As for the ships: I'm going to go in "chronological" order, okay? Might as well.

Jamie McCrimmon/Victoria Waterfield. I love these two. These two are canon. They are sweet. Are they unrequited, or did they have a sweet little romance? Was Jamie terribly heartbroken some time after Victoria left, and how did Victoria react? Show me! :D

Second Doctor/Zoe Heriot/Jamie McCrimmon. Doesn't this speak for itself? These three balance each other so well -- Two teasing Jamie, Jamie teasing back, Zoe deadpanning and seriousing at the others -- and I ship Two/Jamie like I'm being paid, and I can totally see Zoe getting in on the action. Show me how they make it work! It doesn't have to be a romantic OT3, but I would not protest that at all!

Third Doctor/Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart/Liz Shaw. Again: this speaks for itself. I assume that if you matched me on this that you understand the sheer sexual magnetism that wanders around calling itself the Third Doctor. These three are nothing short of FANTASTIC, and I think they'd make quite a wonderfully scandalous OT3. (Note: if you write me a Kate Stewart is Liz Shaw's daughter fic with this pairing as a background, I will probably break glass when I scream with glee upon seeing it. Let me tell you you are not obligated, AT ALL. It's just a story idea that someone's gonna write, and it could be you! Otherwise it'll be me.)

Fourth Doctor/Sarah Jane Smith. This is one of those relationships that I really don't feel the need to explicitly ship in a romantic sense. I think they loved each other quite a lot, and although SJS didn't want to leave the TARDIS, her exit made dramatic sense to me. Their Doctor/Companion bond is one of my favorites of the series. Explore that however you feel best about it!

Andred/Leela. I want to see more of this! Take whatever canon you want into consideration here. Show me slice of life, show me romantic gestures or whatever the Leela equivalent is. Show me how they love each other, or what they struggle with.

Tegan Jovanka/Nyssa of Traken. These two were great friends. They could have been fooling around, too! I don't really care which direction you take this. If they got sexually intimate, I'd love to see them sneaking around or being silly around Turlough.

Ninth Doctor/Jack Harkness/Rose Tyler, Tenth Doctor/Rose Tyler, Eleventh Doctor/Rose Tyler, Twelfth Doctor/Rose Tyler.

So you may have noticed I have a thing for Doctor/Rose. I don't believe she's the other half of the Doctor's end-all, be-all OTP. I do believe she matters a lot to the Doctor from his ninth regeneration on, and that both the Ninth and the Tenth Doctors quite genuinely loved her.

"Why did you include Eleven and Twelve, then?" I hear you ask. That's because I also adore speculative looks about how the Doctor might deal with and feel about Rose after conceding her once and for all at Journey's End. I ship it romantically, at times, but also there is no way it would be anything but messy based on all that's happened and where they left off. (I am currently writing an Eleven/Rose story with my own headcanons. You are not obligated at all to follow what I do; I want to see what you're gonna do!)

So show me this... emotional story. Show me from Rose POV, show me from Doctor POV, I don't care. Show me if this love is pure or if it is a weakness, show me what you think. I don't think that these two have a relationship that can be summed up as simply as True Love, so I don't expect pure fluff, and I welcome whatever take you have, with whatever Doctor(s) you please.

(I'm aware Jack is in that one up there. I'll address him next.)

Ninth Doctor/Jack Harkness/Rose Tyler, Jack Harkness/Martha Jones, Twelfth Doctor/Jack Harkness.
I also do not ship Jack Harkness in any end-all, be-all OTPs. Nine/Jack/Rose is such a lovely, cozy thing, and I would love to see what might have come of Jack managing to get to the TARDIS in time somehow at the end of Parting of the Ways. As for Jack/Martha, I feel like Martha could totally rebound with Jack after breaking up with Tom Milligan. I would not be against this relationship being a part of Martha/Mickey, which I will again get to below.

If Twelve/Jack grabs you, roll with it. I'd love to see what you can make of it. :D

Martha Jones/Mickey Smith. What I'd really like is an awesome, DW-ish silly romantic story about how these two got together. I would not be averse to casual Jack/Martha as a stepping stone for Martha, as I mentioned above. I love these two for being Badass Normals. Show me the courtship! :D

Amy Pond/Vincent van Gogh, Canton Everett Delaware/his fiance
Amy/Vincent intrigued me. Because they were both so sad, and yet they saw things so differently than everyone else. I would like to see how Amy would deal with staying with Vincent. Would she manage to keep it together? What kind of toll would his mental illness take on her? Would she try to bring the Doctor back? What kind of relationship would these two have?

With Canton and his fiance I would desperately love to see a slice of life sort of thing, and then if you want to be silly like me, there's the sitcomish idea where they fight over not being able to marry, and Canton calls the Doctor to either marry them or take them to a time or place where they can. Flesh out the fiance! How did they meet? That sort of thing.

Whatever you choose to do, I know I will love it. Have a good time writing, and let me know if you have any questions!