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16 September 2013 @ 11:16 pm
Dear femslashex Writer:  
Dear femslashex Writer:

First of all: you cannot imagine how pleased I am that this fest is both up and full of so many great people! I lovef l femmeslash -- have, unfortunately, not written as much as I would like, and there certainly isn't as much as I would like out there -- so let's fix that, hey? :D You are excellent for being here and matching with me, I really appreciate you already, and you haven't written a word yet. (Presumably.)

Some brief ideas about what I enjoy:
Worldbuilding! Characters whose POV we rarely see; what was it like to be them, why did they do the things they did? Humor, as well as horror, and if you can mix the two, by god, I like you already. Angst is welcome as well as fluff. Porn or smut aren't necessary, but I won't hate it if you add some to a fic; I would just rather not get a PWP. I don't really have many squicks, but I would prefer a warning at least for things like sexual violence/non-con/dub-con and character death.

Here are the fandoms I chose:

ASOIAF: Arianne Martell/Tyene Sand, Myrcella Baratheon/Sansa Stark
- Arianne/Tyene: I'm sorry, I can't see this pairing as anything but fucked up. This doesn't mean I wouldn't enjoy it. Prompts, more poetic than direct: prayer, piety, and poison. What did Arianne teach Tyene, and what did Tyene teach Arianne?
- Myrcella/Sansa: I would love a post-series fic where these two reconnect over everything Joffrey and her relatives inflicted on Westeros. (Maybe Myrcella's married to Trystane Martell, Sansa... I've no preference.) Alternately, if you want to age them both up and play with them in King's Landing, I'd be totally open.

Harry Potter: Hannah Abbott/Pansy Parkinson, Lavender Brown/Parvati Patil
1. Hannah/Pansy: I would really, very much enjoy a story about how Hannah, from a wizarding left-wing family, and Pansy, from a wizarding right-wing family, fall in together after the war. Extra points if Pansy discovers she's whatever flavor of queer after some sort of relationship (FWB? hatesex? exploration?) and just shrugs Draco Malfoy off. Hannah as an open bisexual would be great; I don't really care if she winds up with Neville as declared by JKR, but it could be cool. No Happily Ever After necessary, just a woman falling for a woman who she'd never think of at all and coming to terms with her sexuality. (Pureblood/Wizarding World homophobia not necessary, but could be explored.)
- PS: If you include Lavender/Parvati as a background pairing (matchmakers, amused bystanders, whatever) in Hannah/Pansy, I would be very very pleased.

2. Lavender/Parvati: I swear I'm going to give you prompts, but let's just get this out there: IF I GET FIC OF THESE TWO AS A ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP, I WILL BE THRILLED. Not to put this one above any of the others, there's no Pairing of My Heart going on here. But basically anything here, if you are inspired, will make me glee. I love their inclination towards divination, by the way, so if you know anything about the various forms of it, do go ahead and include it. Extra points for including Padma being matter-of-factly sisterly or matchmaker, because I love her, or at least the concept of her. Also Hermione would be cool as something similar, not necessarily antagonistically, but they obviously don't get along. Don't involve either romantically with these two, though, please. That said:
- Was there schoolgirl experimentation going on? Did they crush on each other? Was it forbidden or an open secret? Was it fun or terrifying for them to come to terms with? Have they id'd as queer?
- So, Hogwarts 7th year. Lots of angst. Lots of problems. If you want to write me an angsty affair during Snape's year as Headmaster, go for it.
- You can write in Lavender dying at the Battle of Hogwarts if you want, but don't be held to it. I'm iffy on how canonical the movies are as it is. If you want to have her survive but have whatever sort of werewolf symptoms, go for it. If you want to have her survive and just be scarred up, go for that, too. I'm open to anything post-Battle of Hogwarts.
- Alternately, give me Lavender/Parvati being ridiculous at baby showers of all the DA parents. Maybe they throw Hermione's baby showers and make her really uncomfortable? Maybe they drag an exhausted mum of nextgen kids out for a night out. IDK. DO AS YOU PLEASE.

Hunger Games: Annie Cresta/Johanna Mason, Johanna Mason/OFC, Katniss Everdeen/Johanna Mason, Katniss Everdeen/Madge Undersee
As you can tell I kind of love Johanna. She's all sharp edges and she's one of my favorite victors, because she's damaged as much as any of them, is clever as hell, and has obviously been waiting for a chance to lash back at the Capitol. She strikes me as someone who puts a lot of emotional distance between herself and others, and I get the impression she has done this long before ever being Reaped or becoming a Victor. She reminds me a lot of a younger female Haymitch, or even moreso, an evolved Katniss. More on that later.

Some ideas with regards to Johanna pairings:
1. Annie/Johanna would be amazing after [spoiler for Mockingjay]Finnick's death; I have kind of a headcanon about this being how things turn out after the end of the trilogy. Annie is broken too; Johanna might be able to relax just fractionally enough to feel once things are over; and maybe Johanna's edges might soften for someone who's suffered as much as she has. It makes sense to me, I guess.
2. Johanna/OFC: I'm primarily thinking of this one as backstory-driven. We don't really see anything about how romantic relationships are changed once someone is reaped and emerges a victor. I'd love to see Johanna and an OFC in a relationship before her reaping, the Games, and then after. OFC or Johanna POV are both cool for this prompt. Doesn't have to end happily; we are in THG after all.
3. Katniss/Johanna: Now, I'll admit this is the one I've thought least through, but it appeals to me for the reason I mentioned above: I think one thing we're supposed to take away from Johanna, especially at the start, is her similarity to Katniss. Maybe Katniss doesn't wind up with Peeta, for whatever reason; in the aftermath of everything, maybe Katniss reaches out to Johanna? I'm less sure about this one, what to tell you, but I'd really like to see someone explore their similarities and diff
4. And last but not least: Katniss/Madge! The unsung potential ship. I feel like this doesn't get enough love. Maybe Katniss is reaped and Madge volunteers? Maybe no Everdeens are reaped (this time) but Gale is reaped. AU this up for me, if you would? Alternately: maybe between the end of the war and Katniss/Peeta endgame they take a break and Katniss has a brief relationship with Madge, who somehow survived? I feel like she's actually fairly important to Katniss, who doesn't seem to emotionally connect to people easily, but Madge makes an impact.

New Girl: Jessica Day/Cece Meyers|Parekh
Well, this is fairly straightfoward.

Let's be honest: there is no explicit indication that either of these girls is straight. They have been super close friends for a long time. Therefore, it's not impossible that they've never tried to date, or be FWB, or whatever. Give me anything! They are obviously not OTP for each other; BroTP, more likely. Maybe a 5 times they tried to be a couple fic?

I wouldn't mind seeing the boys find out these two ever screwed around, either.

True Blood: Jessica Hamby/Willa Burrell, Pam Swynford de Beaufort/Tara Thornton, Sookie Stackhouse/Tara Thornton, Tara Thornton/Willa Burrell
My inclinations are showing with these prompts. But let's get started.
- Pam/Tara: I have not OTPed something this hard for a very long time. I am unrelentingly pleased that it is canon. Gimme more. What springs to mind as a prompt: [Spoilers for S6 finale]Someone's picking people off in Bon Temps. Is it a vampire with Hep V, or is someone trying to frame a vampire? Pam and Tara investigate.
- Jessica/Willa: I'm not entirely sure what I want for this one, I'll be honest. Something sensual trying to teach Willa about both how to grow as a vampire (feeding, etc) and maybe how to ~please a lover~ could be fun. (You know Willa wants to seduce Eric...) Run with it? Include Jessica's hippie vampire boyfriend James as a demonstrative device if you want. I could live with that.
- Sookie/Tara: Man, things have gotten intense with these two. I love my Pam/Tara, of course. Sookie/Tara could be a fun AU. What if after Tara came to terms with being a vampire these two kiss and made up? I imagine S6 would have gone differently.
- Tara/Willa: Pam's off with Eric. (Saving him from a terrible fate? whatever you want.) Pam's ordered Tara to whip Willa into shape and be a decent vampire now that she's no good to anyone as leverage.

Let me know if you have any questions, and know I will be thrilled to receive whatever you put together. Thank you so much, and have fun!